Undergraduate Student Researchers Present Posters on September 14th

The Global Forum on Urban and Regional Development, Hollins University and Roanoke College sponsored three undergraduate research labs which supported seventeen undergraduate research students. The students worked on three projects:

  • Refugee populations of Roanoke: Issues of Assimilation and Adaptation, and
  • Two labs associated with Virginia Tech/Roanoke Innovation Corridor project;
  • Development Policies and Strategies for the Innovation Corridor,
  • Physical Integration of the Innovation Corridor in the city setting.

Several students will present at the at the SPIA (School of Public and International Affairs) workshop. One of the goals of that conference is to inform the direction that Virginia Tech takes on refugee research. The workshop is being held in the Arlington Research Center on October 26th.

In addition, several students are currently working on scholarly publications which they plan to publish in peer-reviewed journals and continuing to interface with community and faculty members on their summer research projects.