Conference on Community Resiliency:

Integrated Risk, Response, and Recovery Policy and Management: International Perspectives across Multiple Scales

October 25-26, 2010  | Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue - Rüschlikon, Switzerland




The purpose of this conference was to engage both academics and practitioners on three key issues related to resiliency:


  • How can we bridge the gap between scientists and practitioners to ensure that the best science and technologies are appropriately used to enhance community resiliency?
  • What systems must be in place to ensure that policy makers and planners in diverse community resiliency roles share information effectively and create robust management systems that integrate risk, response, and recovery actions?
  • How do we create policies and structures that remove barriers to cross-jurisdictional cooperation to ensure regionally integrated approaches to resiliency?

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    Selections from the Conference are included in a special edition of: International Journal of Critical Infrastructure. Vol 8, No 1 2012:

    James R Bohland, Editorial, pg. 1

    John Harrald, “The Case for Resilience: A Comparative Analysis”, pp 3-21

    Theresa Jefferson and Jack Harrald, “Linking Infrastructure Resilience to Response Requirements: The New Madrid Seismic Zone Case”, pp 22 -46.

    Shirley Laska, “Dimensions of Resiliency: Essential Resiliency, Exceptional Recovery and Scale”, pp. 47-62.


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