Fourth Conference on Community Resiliency:

Building Resiliency into Critical Infrastructures: International Goals – National Strategies – Local Actions

August 29 -30, 2013  |  Davos, Switzerland



Increased environmental and socio-technology threats challenge a nation’s abilities to mitigate and recover from major events. As we cope with the increased frequency, magnitude, and complexity of these events, it is essential that prior planning and policies be in place that will make communities and populations more resilient to large-scale disruptions. The fourth annual conference on Community Resiliency addresses a central question:


How can national strategies ensure that local actions integrate all contextual factors in order to enhance the resiliency of a nation?


Building resiliency into critical infrastructures of a nation requires concerted action integrating physical, economic, social and political systems in ways that enable nations to create cultures of resiliency that while unique, are based on international goals. Three central questions will guide the discussions at the Conference:


  • Can new science and technologies improve the resiliency of our critical infrastructures?
  • How do we effectively translate national strategies into local actions that enhance the resiliency in communities and thus collectively enhance the resiliency of a nation?
  • How do we best incorporate social, technical and cultural elements into frameworks that will improve resiliency at all scales – global, national, and local – and across all sectors?


Resilient communities are the foundations on which a resilient nation has always been built and must be rebuilt in the future. A resilient community understands itself and its vulnerabilities, takes positive collective actions to limit the effects of those vulnerabilities and thereby recovers rapidly and robustly from disasters of all kinds. A resilient community embraces its responsibility to all of its citizens, limits its dependence on outside help during crises and takes responsibility for its future.


Supporting the provision of adequate platforms for the dialogue on resiliency values and experiences across nations is one of GRF Davos’ main goals. The 4th conference on Community Resiliency hosted by GRF Davos and Virginia Tech in collaboration with the U.S. National Academies of Science will contribute significantly to advancing our knowledge and actions at strengthening the resiliency of critical infrastructures that will enable our communities to prosper in an era of increased and emerging risks.




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