The Global Forum on Urban and Regional Resilience brings together university researchers and partner organizations to facilitate conversations about patterns and processes of urbanization and regional development, with a special emphasis on the long-term resilience of places and communities. The particular focus of the Forum is the evolutionary and transformational resilience of cities and the way that places adapt – or not – to flows of capital, people, resources, and ideas.

The Forum facilitates interdisciplinary research into the political economy of resilience and organizes workshops and conferences that bring together scholars and practitioners with significantly different perspectives and responsibilities. The Forum also has a mission to engage a broader public toward an understanding of cities, urbanization, and regional development.

The Forum’s research initiatives focus on how the relationships among markets, institutions and the state are challenged by the scale and complexity of contemporary socio-economic processes that are spatially highly uneven. From the process of urbanization to regional imbalances in the flow of goods, labor and capital, the path-dependent trajectories of urban and regional resilience are inextricably linked to the increasingly financialized character of the global economy.