Our Mission

GFURR works to bridge research to policy and practice in order to address risks and vulnerabilities. The Forum aims to build resiliency at regional and urban scales in a global context. Its mission is to contribute to new and dynamic ecologies of resilience by connecting nodes of excellence globally.

GFURR brings together faculty from Virginia Tech and partner organizations to expand our knowledge base on resilience. Resilience has become an important concept in planning and policy globally as a response to new vulnerabilities resulting from climate change; economic, social and political and financial instabilities; and population expansion into places where the potential for human disruptions from natural events is heightened. The conceptual complexity of resilience and its relevance to constructing places that enhance the social well-being of citizens in a future of increased uncertainty and vulnerability, requires integrating physical, economic and political perspectives in ways that provide both a fresh lens and new critiques in order to increase our knowledgebase on the concept.

Currently, the Forum revolves around 3 dominant resilience clusters. These clusters are: Financial Resilience, Resilient Infrastructure and Social-political Dimensions of Resilience.

GFURR adds to the knowledge base on resilience by:

• Facilitating global conversations by scholars and practitioners with significantly different perspectives and responsibilities on resilience though co-sponsorship of workshops and conferences designed to explore new conceptual and methodology dimensions
• Facilitating multi-disciplinary research on under and unexplored dimensions of resilience for the purpose of expanding our understanding of resilience in a global context
• Encouraging the establishment of trans-disciplinary educational and training curriculum in resilience to ensure that future practitioners and researchers have a wide-reaching viewpoint of resilience
• Connecting research and practitioner communities through the establishment of living lab environments in both urban and rural settings in ways that define new approaches to the mission of Land Grant universities in the United States
• Encouraging new theoretical and analytical approaches to the study of resilience and its translation to practice globally