Lecture – Participation as Assemblage in the Caribbean

Dr. Jonathan Pugh – School of Geography, Politics & Sociology – Visiting professor from Newcastle University, UK – Will present a public lecture on Participation as Assemblage in the Caribbean

Tuesday, October 24 – BI Auditorium – Steger Hall – 1015 Life Science Circle – 3:00 pm – Reception Following

Participatory development has a long and varied history in the Global South. In recent years, Dr. Pugh along with his colleague Kevin Grove, have been introducing assemblage theory into these debates. This lecture examines participation as assemblage in the Caribbean. The Caribbean has recently received much attention in the media because of its exposure to environmental risks and associated calls for greater resilience. By way of a 20 year case study of participatory development in seven Caribbean islands, this lecture puts the idea of participation as assemblage to use to exp