Marion Repetti | Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Marion Repetti has a PHD in sociology. She did her doctoral thesis at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, where she studied the Swiss genesis of the old age problem. This research was based on an analysis of policy makers' as well as social scientists' discourses about aging and retirement. Working with the bourdieusian concept of the "thought of the state", she emphasized how social policies produce and reproduce moral representations of a good aging. With qualitative interviews, she also highlighted how retirees attribute these representations in ways that vary according to their socioeconomic status and their gender.


Her current research questions the tensions between the globalization of the life-course and the national-based organization of the welfare states, and their consequences on the definition of the social contract. Based on qualitative methods, she studies how people with limited economic resources deal with the opportunities and constraints that these tensions produce. She also analyses the role that experts play in the definition of social problems and social justice in this context.


While she did her PHD, Dr. Repetti first worked as a social worker. Then she occupied a position as a teaching assistant and then first assistant for the chair of social policies and social problems, as well as sociology of education, in the University of Lausanne. Recently.  She has been working as a postdoctoral research fellow of the Swiss National Science Foundation in collaboration with the Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing in the University of Manchester and the Department of Sociology of Virginia Tech, before joining the Global Forum.

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