The Global Forum in conjunction with its various collaborators can assist in promoting resilience research by providing access or advice on the use of relevant analytical tools or data. Faculty in the Forum have used or partnered with collaborators using these resources and can provide some help in identifying how the data or tools might be appropriate for your research. Terms for use of the data or tools would be established on an individual basis. For additional information on these resources email




Various methods for mining public information (digital media, social medial, or other information sources)


Application of agent-based modeling to resilience problems



Through the Integrated Digital Event Archiving and Library (IDEAL) project funded by NSF, access to a range of digital data from Twitter or the Web can be obtained and used in research on resilience. The IDEAL team can aid use of that data as well as help collect more about important related events.

The Network Dynamics and Simulation Science Lab, a partner with the Forum, has synthetic populations for much of the world than can be used in agent-based modeling in a number of different situations.


  • Uncurated datasets
  • Data on housing sales for the city of New York for the period 1995 to 2012
  • Construction permits for San Francisco 1980 to 2000.