Risk, Fear and Resilience: Implications for Societies, Communities, and Individuals



With the support of Virginia Tech’s Institute of Society, Culture and Environment and the Office of the Vice President in the National Capital Region, The Global Forum for Urban and Regional Resilience convened a workshop entitled “Risk, Fear, and Resilience: Implications for Societies, Communities, and Individuals.” From September 29-30, 2016, a select group of international scholars came together in Arlington, VA to discuss the competing conceptualizations of the relationship(s) between risk, fear, and resilience. The conversation brought together a range of disciplinary perspectives including political economy, neuroscience, and evolutionary biology, to explore how the vectors of this triad come together in various (political, economic, social, behavioral, environmental, etc.) constellations that inform contemporary life. By exploring the relationships between social uncertainty and the struggles involved in how knowledge around risk, fear, and resilience is produced, the workshop participants sought to understand how the conditions of contemporary life are shaped, constrained, and may ultimately be transformed.


To learn more about our working group on Risk, Fear, and Resilience, please contact Jennifer Lawrence at jennlaw@vt.edu or at 540-231-4458.


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