Second Conference on Community Resiliency

September 18-20, 2011  |  Virginia Tech Research Center - Arlington, Virginia



The conference was organized to further the discussion on five resiliency topics and issues


  • The central role of leadership in building resilience
  • The critical role of engaging citizens and practitioners in a dialogue on community resilience in their jurisdiction
  • The challenges to resiliency presented by incremental global changes
  • Events in Japan have highlighted the seriousness of the cascading effects of environmental events on our socio-technical systems. It is essential for the security of our communities in the future to better understand how to protect against the more egregious impacts of the complex coupling of socio-technical system under stress.
  • Massive causalities and disruptions evident in Japan and Haiti require us to focus on the world’s ability to respond with humanitarian aid to regions under extreme stress. We must be proactive in planning for large-scale humanitarian efforts or run the risk of stretching our capacities beyond our ability to respond effectively when the need occurs. The nature of that planning effort and coordination of aid are topics to be considered at this year’s conference.


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