Third Conference on Community Resiliency

August 24 - 25, 2012  |  The Congress Center - Davos, Switzerland



Building on our successful conferences in Zurich and Washington, DC, we sought to explore three core themes on community resilience:


  • How local communities impacted by crises and disasters build capacities (and capabilities) to respond to these events. Specifically, we explored studies that look at how local communities redeploy existing resources, infrastructures, and people to respond and recover from a disaster.
  • An examination of citizen engagement, deployment of technology, and network-centric collaboration around planning, response, and recovery from disasters.
  • A review of public policy implications for planning and designing resilient nations. Engaging with the policy and governance apparatuses (budgeting, coordination of public programs, planning for uncertainty and longer time horizons, etc) of nations is critical if we are to advance the cause of designing resilient nations.


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