Wal-Mart vs Amazon: Innovative business models in Global Production Networks (Spring Semester)


Uber, Walmart, Alibaba, Tesla, iPhone, Amazon, and SpaceX are examples of successful innovative business models taking the lead in this age of business and technology disruptions. This studio class seeks (1) to unfold the challenges businesses face and confront in their constant reexamining of the way they do business, and (2) to develop creative thinking around the ways nations may support and guarantee the development of new business models in the 21st century. Indeed, business innovation does not occur in a vacuum. Business models come to existence by businesses own organizational choices as well as the changes in global markets structures.


After characterizing the new global market structures in which businesses interact and compete – supply chain management, E-commerce, “brick and mortar” retail, regulation of new technologies, etc. – students will be challenged to design methodologies and strategies in a transdisciplinary manner to help businesses identify competitors’ business models that may leave them out of the market, and suggest solutions for businesses to sustain their market presence.